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Indian food

Indian food is impossible to melt down into one sentence. It offers an endless variety of colours, flavours, smells and textures. The ingredients are countless, but more often than not the dishes are strictly vegetarian. When we think of Indian food we think of rice and curry, but that is just toughing the surface of a wide culinary ocean.

Street food

The Indian food that we are familiar with here in the "west" is not always typical to Indian cuisine. It is often adapted to suit our own food culture and our, often a bit more sensitive, taste buds better. Indian food it HOT, there is no escaping that, and real Indian chefs will never understand why we ask them for a milder version of their most popular dishes.

Indian street food is a very popular choice at lunch time in most countries. In the Indian food stalls you find delicacies such as chicken and lamb kebabs, spicy chicken wings and lovely samosa. Mushroom, paneer and pettice are common main ingredients in the vegetarian alternatives. Other common listings on the menues are wraps in all shapes and colours.

Indian cuisine

India is a huge country with a great variety in climate, soil type and culture depending on where you go. This makes it impossible to summarize Indian cuisine as one, because what a traditional Indian family eats in Bombay is most likely completely different from what it eats in Kerala. What can be said is that they often use herbs and spices, loads of veggies and even fruits in their dishes. Rice and naan bread are common side dishes  - which surprises no one.

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