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*** Apologies we have had to cancel our  Hollywood Stars Valentine's Day Dinner & Dance with Burlesque, Cabaret & DJs event due to a bereavement***

* "Hollywood Stars" Valentine's Day Dinner & Dance with burlesque, Djs and dancing till late *

* For Starry eyed Couples, Glamourous singles and Party Groups

* Dining, buffet, drinks only places available

* Dress Up Hollywood Stars Oscar Theme

* Back To The 80s retro Valentine's Dinner  £20pp*

* Six burlesque cabaret shows early with cheesy 80s, 90s 00s disco after*

* Stars In Their Eyes - Go On Stage Yourself Or Recommend A Friend !*

*Cocktail Lessons, Cupcake Decorating, Speed Dating*

*Photography,  Facebook, YouTube  Video *

*See  last years Valentine's  Hollywood Stars Video and Valentine's Hollywood Stars Pictures*



Peacock Bar London is proud to announce its  Hollywood  Stars Valentine's  Day Dinner & Dance  with Burlesque, Cabaret & Djs on Monday 14th February with burlesque, cabaret, dinner, Djs, dancing till late  at the award winning Peacock Bar, 148 Falcon Road, London Sw11 2LW.  Entry is a very romantic free and dining, buffet and drinks only places are available. Whether you are  starry eyed couple, group of  glamorous singles or group of friends  on a night out  this is the place to be Valentine's Day.   Advance booking though is strongly advised!


Our chef  has prepared a special Valentine's  5 course sit down  Menu for £20 per person.  In between courses our performers with be entertaining you (think three different performers with six shows) with  Dj Diskojuice encourages everyone onto the dance floor with a romantic mix of 80s, 90s, 00s classics.   .  As well as places for dining groups we also have spaces for  drinks only groups and drinks & nibbles  groups available too but pre booking is essential.  Entry is a very romantic free!


We also have cocktail classes, cupcake lessons and a bit of speed dating too for any adventurous singles (or swinging couples?) 


After the shows/dinner  its 80s Djs and dancing from 10ish with our celebrity DJ DiskoJuice spinning rubbish 80/90s cheese with a tiny bit of classic Ibizan house (you know the old stuff) thrown in too  with lots of  smoochy slow songs too for you know what. All aided by tacky original 70s/80s lights and silly freebies from party poppers to streamers for that Valentine's Day  party from yesteryear feel.


 Check out last years   last years Valentine's  Hollywood Stars Video and Valentine's Hollywood Stars Pictures*



The Hollywood Stars Theme


The venue - not to mentions staff - will all be dressed in 30s, 40s 50s attire so expect venetian masks, Marilyn Monroe films flickering on the walls, red carpet , the whole works. Dressing up is optional but is strongly encouraged whether its 30s evening gowns, burlesque gear or black tie just as long as its glamorous and stylish (but yes guys jeans and trainers are fine too - I am sure your date will be so impressed!). Our hosts will be pouring complimentary Peacock Christmas  Cocktails for everyone making the effort 


The shows, Djs and dancing


Valentine's Dinner  is served with six shows by three performers.  One will be a romantic singer in the Dean Martin / Frank Sinatra tradition (ahhh so sweet), the second a burlesque performer/singer (  and the third  well lets just say he/she will be livening things up a bit (in a cat amongst the pigeons kind of way!). 


After Dinner/Shows there is retro Djs and dancing w DJ Diskojuice spinning rubbish 80/90s cheese and plenty of smoochy slow songs too for you know what. All aided by tacky original 70s/80s lights and silly freebies from party poppers to streamers for that Valentine's  party from yesteryear feel. That's till we chuck you all out onto to the street well sozzled in the early hours of the morning of course


Stars In Their Eyes

Fancy going on stage? Because there is nothing our performers like more than bringing people on stage to sing to /dance with so whether you are a starry eyed couple or glamorous single  this is your chance. Come on now don’t be shy. Oh and it's all recorded by our photographers for ever too. 


Back To The 80s Valentine's Dinner  Retro Menu


From a time before "drizzled with olive oil" and "pesto" The Peacock presents its Valentine's  Back To the 80s Retro Dinner   for a delightful £20 per person.  Comes with six burlesque cabaret shows looking is essential





Cheese and pineapple cubes on sticks

Mini sausage rolls

Mushroom vol au vents


"If I had had this before my wedding night with Antoinette it would have been a very different story.. Merde!"  Napoleon Bonaparte (notoriously bad French lover)



Prawn cocktail in a martini glass

Melon & Parma ham

Breaded garlic mushrooms

Chicken Liver pate 


"a breath takingly modern  & romantic menu"  Miss Marples from Eastbourne (she doesn't get out much)



Main Courses

Home made Chicken Kiev, baby potatoes & petits pois,

Pork loin with red cabbage & crackling  all the trimmings

Sea bass with lemon sauce, baby potatoes & spring vegetables

Mushroom risotto



"a healthy and surprisingly low calorie nutritious meal and for £ 5000 I would recommend it to anyone" Former MP Neil Hamilton



Sherry trifle

Banoffee Pie

Passion fruit creme brule

Black forest gateaux




After Eights

Ferrero Roche


"Oh Mr Ambassador ... you are really spoiling us"  German Woman of A Certain  Age




1.     All main courses come with a seasonal selection of vegetables 


2.     All diners receive a romantic party pack with crackers, party poppers, silly hats, masks, tinsel, streamers etc


3.     In the week prior to your booking we will email you with a request for volunteers for stage, volunteers for speed dating, your meal choices,  cocktail lessons / cupcake decorating  bookings


4.     For cocktail lessons and cupcake decorating early attendance  and pre booking is recommended . We are open from 5pm with diner being served from 7pm -11pm  


 Cocktail lessons

What could be more romantic than learning how to make your loved one's favourite cocktail.  Our mixologists will take you behind the bar to show you how.  Each cocktail is £8 and our photographer will be happy to record the moment for ever.  Comes with optional  scoring cards ("Best Boyfriend Ever", "Nice Face Pity About The Cocktail").  Pre booking  as is an early start.


ps like the ideas of our cocktail lessons? Don't forget we do cocktail lesson gift experiences which make a great Valentine's present idea for girlfriends /boyfriends / couples from £19 per person


Cupcake decorating classes

We will be holding some impromptu cupcake decorating lessons.  Why not make your loved ones a beautiful cupcake or two helped by our Mistress of Ceremonies who has all the swirls, glitters, pastes and figurine's you need to make the perfect cupcakes.  Each cupcake is £5 and our photographer will be happy to record the moment for ever.  Comes with optional  scoring cards ( from a romantic "Best girlfriend Ever" to a less romantic  "Nice Face Pity About The Cupcake").  Pre booking is essential  as is an early start.


ps like the ideas of our cupcake lessons? Don't forget we do cupcake lesson gift experiences which make a great present idea for girlfriends /boyfriends / couples from £35 per person.


Speed dating

For the young free and single we are also putting on a bit of a speed dating thing too compeered by one of our performers so do remember to look your best as you never know who you might meet.


Photography, Facebook and YouTube


Oh and it's all recorded by our photographers for ever too  plus we will be turning our Hollywood Star's Valentine's Dinner  into a YouTube video and putting it on Facebook.   High resolution pictures available free of charge.


Buffet & Drinks only places

We also have buffet & drinks only reserved areas available pre and post shows.



For more information and to  book your dinner, buffet or drinks only places please call 020 7223 9633 or email


With a fabulous location just minutes from Clapham Junction Station we are easily accessible from Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. So looking for a super Valentine's Day restaurant in Surrey, Valentine's Day dinner in Sussex or Valentine's restaurant in Kent forget it and come to Peacock Bar in London instead.


Peacock Cocktail Bar Restaurant & Club
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London SW11 2LW
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